We believe in the power of circularity and inclusion. Combine these two and we can create a world where everyone and everything can thrive and co-exist in unity.

Our promise is to always act upon our key values of openness, positivity, circular-thinking, and inclusion.

Let’s not forget: Repair is the new cool.

our mission

We strive to make it easy for leading apparel brands in Northwestern Europe to achieve their circularity goals.

We do so by offering high-quality repair service and finding recycling outlets for any garment that can’t be repaired. At the same time, we strive to create a positive social impact by providing training and employment opportunities to newcomers with refugee backgrounds, young adults and other job seekers.


Customer buys a product from a trusted brand/company.

Company also actively communicates about the possibility to repair their product. Promotes repair service and reuse of pre-loved clothing items.

Company facilitates an accessible way for the customer to fill in a form, print shipping label and send product.

With a shipping label, the customer sends the product to the our repaire centre in the Netherlands.

Our tailors repair clothing item in approximately 10-30 minutes.

Clothing item is repackaged and sent back to the customer.